We are all familiar with the Johnson & Johnson logo.

This simple script and soft red color palette
evokes a feeling of calm and well being for us
because we all remember seeing this popular logo as children on
Bandage boxes and other health care items. Johnson & Johnson
is able to communicate this feeling directly to millions of
their customers around the world by keeping their logo brand
consistent and highly visable.

The Advil logo is another popular medical logo. The Advil logo
denotes a sense of strength when we see it ( which resonates
with our experience in using the product )- it's strong and it
works and because it is well conceived, the logo reinforces this notion.

Medical-logos.com is pleased to note that Mike S., the designer of
the Advil logo is a member of our staff and is available to work
on your medical industry logo. Click here to learn more
about Mike's medical logo work.

This is another example of a popular medical logo design that has
withstood the test of time. The goal of the medical logo divison
of LogoMagic.com is to create a unique brand for your healthcare
product or service that will withstand the test of time.

The following medical logo designs are easily recognizable because they
represent quality products that you have had positive experiences with and because they are carefully crafted works of commercial art.

Medical-Logos.com is fortunate enough to have the original creator
of the Advil logo on staff as well as many other designers such
as Ebon who have done work for well known healthcare industry companies.

If you would like your new trademarked brand to be one of the world's next 'most popular medical logos - click here for a free Medical Logo quote.

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