There are thousands of image variations of the Caduceus, but the ancient symbol has remained one of the most recognized medical symbols still used in the medical industry today. You will see the Caduceus medical symbol at doctors’ offices, hospitals and other medical facilities indicating an association with the medical industry. Similar to this “medical logo” having such a strong implication and association with medical professions and medical related businesses, you may want to think of the Caduceus symbol when considering a creative medical logo design for your medical related company, such as a medical supply business.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

the Caduceus A caduceus (kerykeion in Greek) is a staff with two snakes wrapped around it. It was a symbol of commerce and is associated with the Greek god Hermes, the messenger for the gods, creator of magical incantations, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves. It was originally a herald's staff, sometimes with wings, with two white ribbons attached. The ribbons eventually evolved into snakes in the figure-eight shape.

In the seventh century, the caduceus came to be associated with a precursor of medicine, alchemy, based on the Hermetic spells. The caduceus is used interchangeably with the Rod of Asclepius, especially in the United States. Historically, the two symbols had distinct and unrelated meanings. Occasionally the caduceus may be combined with a DNA double-helix, which the intertwined snakes coincidentally resemble.

Its origins are thought to be as early as 2600 BC in Mesopotamia. It was used by the priests in the Eleusinian Mysteries of ancient Greece, and has been associated with the Gnostic Corpus Hermeticum and Kundalini Yoga, where it is thought to be a symbolic representation of the "subtle" nerve channels the "ida", "pingala", and "sushumna" described in yogic kundalini physiology.

In Unicode, the "caduceus" symbol is U+2624 (ੀ ).

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